Franchise Ownership to help achieve your Ownership Goals


ADVANCED RENOVATION SERVICES, Inc., located in Las Vegas, Nevada, is the nation’s premier Fire/Flood franchise.  Founded in 2020, Advanced Renovation will grow to over 200 franchises over the next 20 years, the business is streamlined, the support systems are built, and the marketing techniques are proven.  ADVANCED RENOVATION will grow to over 200 franchisees coast-to-coast with one of the best support systems in the industry.


At ADVANCED RENOVATION Services, Inc., we have one goal in mind to brighten your world through business ownership. We are the industry leader in Fire/Flood Franchise.  Our unique business opportunity capitalizes on an under-served niche market.  The next time you get in your car and drive down the freeway, look around and see all the work trucks with Plumbing, Electrical, Construction Clean-Up and Restoration services around.  These business trucks are getting work from insurance companies, contractors and homeowners, which will continue not only today, but again next week, next month, and next year.   Almost all of those invoices will be paid by insurance companies. 


ADVANCED RENOVATION office staff including franchise support specialists, tech support, marketing, vendor relationships, public relations, branding, training, and other operations staff support our franchisees every day.  In addition to staff support our system includes annual and regional meetings, proprietary software, manuals and document library, a preferred vendor program, and a franchisee network committed to your success. Operations manuals are available to each franchisee; covering every topic related to the industry we serve and there are many on-going training programs available.   


ADVANCED RENOVATION five-phase training program prepares you to work on your business rather than in your business. 

PHASE 1: PRE-TRAINING This two-day process creates a foundation for training.  You will be prepared to hit the ground running the Monday you return from training school. Pre-training activities range from choosing an office, building a business and cash flow plan, to webinars covering topics including recruiting, personnel, management, and sales.  PHASE 2: TRAINING SCHOOL IN Las Vegas, NV.  Our intense four-day program focuses on comprehensive business management and hands-on operations. The ADVANCED RENOVATION training program prepares you to manage your employees, your office, and your business. You will spend time working on your market planning and original Start-Up office on all levels.   

PHASE 3: POST-TRAINING.   Our goal is to help franchisees create daily habits that will provide a strong foundation to grow their business.

PHASE 4: FIELD TRAINING.   We come to your protected territory immediately to help jump start your business, including generating sales.  Helping you apply the ADVANCED RENOVATION system in your market on multiple support trips is our commitment to you. This includes on-site training in your territory focuses on employee development, sales growth, and operational efficiency. 

PHASE FIVE: ONGOING TRAINING AND SUPPORT.   We continue your training through dedicated franchise support specialists, annual meetings, online education, and field visits. ADVANCED RENOVATION is committed to having the best ongoing support possible, providing real value for your royalties.  We are proactive in training and support to maximize your franchise.    


We have a wide variety of backgrounds represented in the ADVANCED RENOVATION family.  The most common trait among our most successful franchisees is the ability to follow our proven system.  Our system, marketing approach, and support programs create an atmosphere for success.  Today we look for individuals with previous experience in any or all of the following areas, and we also prefer the following types of skill sets, although they are not required:


 Executive and Management Experience

 Marketing and Sales Experience

 High Long-Term Income Goals


 Aptitude for Building Relationships

 Strong People Skills 

 Effective Leadership

 Good Networking Ability

 Organized and Detail-Oriented 

 Management Ability


Here are some key aspects of our franchise:

 Family-Friendly Hours – No Nights, Weekends, or Holidays!

 Low Investment 

 Low Overhead

 Business-to-Business 

 Flexible Schedule 

 Service-Based Model

 Repeat Customers and Residual Income

 Endless Opportunity 

 Fragmented Competition 

 Corporate Lead Generation 

 Minimal Number of Employees 

 Owner Is Not the Technician 

 Owner Can Step Back Over Time


 Franchise Fee (Starting at $55,000)

 Plus Working Capital (Starting at $40,000) 

 Strong Credit Rating


If you are serious about building a business with the characteristics cited above, study the ADVANCED RENOVATION opportunity closely. We are happy to help you assess the match between your aspirations, skills set, financial assets and goals, and the offerings/requirements of our growing enterprise.

If you and our selection committee find a strong match between you and ADVANCED RENOVATION, our staff will help you build this business to your desired level of success.

With ADVANCED RENOVATION, you are in business for yourself but not by yourself.

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Franchise Ownership

Advanced Renovation is a Fire/Flood services franchise concept that serves the clean-up, contents and emergency needs of residential and business customers when they have a fire or flood.  Advanced Renovation specializes in small to medium home clean-up, removal and contents storage, covering a wide range of emergency clean-up needs that occur after a fire or flood has happened.  Removing water and damage wall and carpet is the base business and drying and cleaning up for the owner to recover from the fire or flood. 

Insurance Carrier Companies Pay On-Time Consistently 

Advanced Renovation offers its franchise owners the opportunity for real, personal business success.  The need for property clean-up after a fire or flood is never ending – it isn’t a trend or a fad that will disappear next year.  Insurance companies and Property owners need a quality company to help them in their time of need and Advanced Renovation makes it happen.



Advanced Renovation provides a valuable service within the communities we serve, helping property owners maintain and improve their homes and businesses.  Unlike our competitors services, Advanced Renovation is on time, fast, efficient and connects our customers with specialists skilled in particular trades, supporting our belief in providing a quality customer experience on every project.  We refer repair work to our vendor partners as well on commission.  We work with all Insurance Carriers and they pay consistently and on time, which means your revenue becomes a solid sales stream to your franchise.   

Flexibility and Freedom

As a Advanced Renovation franchise owner, you’ll finally be in control of your life.  You keep your own schedule, you run your own business, you are your own boss.  And the equity you build is yours.

You’ll Love it!

Flexibility and Freedom
Own your Own Business

Franchise Ownership

Advanced Renovation Franchise offers you personal flexibility – both in your time and in your lifestyle.